Your face is talking! Find out what he has to say with face reading!

Your face is talking! Find out what he has to say with face reading!

The physiognomic reading of a human face includes all the characteristics of a person both at the level of internal organs and emotional character. In fact we can discover a lot about us and our interlocutors through the observation of: type of forehead and size, wrinkles and their alignment, eyebrows and eyes: color, size, distance between them and shape the shape of the nose and length ears, hair and shape of the face With this article I would like to give you some information that will allow you to understand better, and understand something of your interlocutors.

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Round face: they have a plump and fleshy face. They are known to be sensitive and caring. The shape of this face is related to the water lodge in Chinese medicine.
Long face: the long and thin face is connected to the wooden loggia. These people can have a muscular and athletic physique. They are usually practical, methodical and tend to be a little more overworked. They are narcissistic and can have problematic relationships.
Triangular face: this type of face is usually linked to a thin body and intellectual persuasion. They are considered creative and have a temperament related to the fire lodge.
Square Face: Connected to the metal loggia, these people have an intelligent, analytical and decisive mind. The shape of the face is associated with an aggressive and dominant nature.




Small ears show honor and affection. But very small ears speak of shyness and confidentiality. If the ears are long and narrow, these characteristics increase.
Average ears show energy and determination.
Large ears are often related to rudeness and materialism.
Vertical ears show strength, courage, energy, power.
Normal ears are those that do not pass the height above the eyebrows or under the nose. Those whose ears exceed the eyebrows may have an angry, vengeful character and even have criminal tendencies.
Ears with lobes particularly detached from the head are free spirits of generosity.




The high forehead reveal aptitude for study. These people are very diligent and trained. They often achieve success.
The low and wide forehead shows an intuitive nature, they are often people with natural talent and imagination. These people have a lot of spontaneity.
The very broad forehead demonstrates honesty, sincerity. Straight eyebrows increase these qualities.
The small forehead shows lack of intelligence.
A forehead with deep lines (wrinkles) reveals those who indulge in contemplation and research. The vertical lines (wrinkles) between the eyes show the power of concentration.
Conversely, a forehead without lines shows coldness, selfishness, lack of empathy and sarcasm.



Eyebrows curves: The mental concentration is oriented towards people. They are used to relating to the world through understanding the other. A
sometimes better understand an idea or theory if it is explained through a personal example or experience.
Straight eyebrows: They denote a direct and concrete approach, in which the technical details are analysed above all. They are rational people, who appreciate the
and must have all the facts and data available before accepting anything as true.
Angled eyebrows: these are the characteristics of those who want to keep everything under control. Often expansive, they can have good leadership skills. Often they are
right and conscientious people with good mental concentration.



Naso aquilino reveals a commanding power, a strong determination and pride. If the nose is narrow, it loses these qualities and acquires a tyrannical character.
Straight nose, well formed shows patience, kindness, balance, elegance and power to bear, charm but also cold and indifference, liberal ideas
on moral and social conventions.
Aquiline nose with the tip bent downwards shows a melancholy nature, but proud and bold. These people will never be funny, but they will have
regular sarcasm.
Straight nose with the tip bent downwards, it shows a more melancholic character, but less envious and more permissive than those with a curved nose.
The upward-facing and slightly curved nose shows enthusiasm and skill. These people achieve their goals in a cheerful and elegant way.
These are some of the indications for better understanding when looking at ourselves in the mirror.



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