We determine the nature of the shape of the lips

Lips and mouth size can tell a lot about their owner. You just need to look closely and the key to unraveling some of the strokes of the character of this person is with you. This knowledge will also help you better understand yourself and your life tasks.

Mouth and lips are an indicator of needs, desires, sensuality, emotionality, prevailing mood, level of sociability, extraversion-introversion and much more. First of all, they denote everything that is connected with the field of taste delights, which means sensuality in general. If we want to determine the degree of expansiveness and speech activity of a person by appearance, we also need to look at his mouth. It is he who will show how a person says how accustomed he is to defend his opinion, to defend his and close interests, how capable he is of expressing what he thinks. And how he himself relates to these his abilities. Moreover, the upper lip will show more a person’s attraction to spiritual, spiritual, psychological interests. But let’s talk about everything in more detail.

Big mouthindicates a person’s great addiction to sensual pleasures and pronounced extravertivity. He loves to eat and leads a life rich in sensual pleasures. Such people have great appetites in everything from physical and material to intellectual values. They are considered sociable, friendly, amiable, sympathetic and cordial. The emotions of such a person are also pronounced. And he likes to express these emotions. The more a person has a mouth, the more talkative and voluptuous he is. His task is not to strive at all costs always and in everything to be in the foreground and not to chat and boast in vain. Since he will be able to achieve much more by managing his abilities in a more balanced way – it is important not what the person says, but what he says and how he does it. It’s also worth watching carefully

Small mouth– on the contrary, it speaks of limiting oneself in pleasures, food, in the expression of one’s thoughts and feelings. The smaller the mouth – the more closed the person, the more he is used to restrain his needs, to suppress desires, to keep silent thoughts. Feelings, he used to hide, withheld, or express to a limited extent. Often fear is behind all this. Perhaps in childhood he was often criticized for what he said or did. Therefore, now such a person speaks little, often shyly. Although shyness can carefully hide. Such people are characterized by severity, discipline, secrecy, suspicion and modesty. Before you say something – they all weigh and think – is it worth saying, and how best to do it. And while they will decide this, they may lose time. Therefore, they are often simply silent. The safer they find the situation, and the more they trust you, the more they will talk to you. Often such people are very introverted, introverted, immersed in their own inner world (which, incidentally, is very rich, since the imagination is developed) and their experiences. The extreme manifestation of these qualities is very small.mouth pulled in (sunken) , with small wrinkles at the edges. The more lips are compressed – the more all this is manifested in a person.

The narrow lips of a small mouthshow their owner’s commitment to an ascetic lifestyle, a tendency to restriction and control, rationality and problems in the field of enjoyment – such people lack sensitivity, emotionality, emotional warmth. They seem closed, cold and insensitive. They fix their attention on negative life experiences, which often leads them to embitterment throughout the world. They are incredulous, suspicious, but very insightful and sober-minded. They are categorical, they demand a lot not only from themselves, but also from those around them, since, as a rule, they have suffered many deprivations and restrictions in life. Now it is difficult for them to relax and believe that life can be not only limiting, but also enjoyable. They are skeptical of pleasures. It can be difficult for such a person to forgive – including himself for seemingly unforgivable acts. The task is to learn to enjoy life more, to be more loyal and to notice not only negative aspects in life, but also positive ones. Then his life can dramatically change. After all, it is largely shaped by his thoughts.

Full lips are evidence of excessive addiction to pleasures, gourmetism and voluptuousness. This is especially true of the full lower lip. With such a lower lip, even with a narrow upper lip, a person has a great commitment to the pleasures of the sensual order, loves sex, delicious food, and soak.

A convex mouth speaks of some infantility, moodiness, falling into childhood. Such a person can succumb to influence and manipulation, differs in dependence and weakness of will. It depends on anything – from close people, from other people’s opinions, from familiar activities, etc.

Loose soft lips also speak of weak will , especially if they are often slightly parted . In general, the harder and firmer the lips, the more decisive and strong-willed is their owner. And the more soft and loose they are, the more gentle and weakly characterized a person is. If the mouth is often open – this is an indication of open emotionality, a call for others to share sensual pleasures with a person. The constantly open mouth gives the face a silly expression. Such a person is extremely direct and impressive, prone to constant surprise – “he looks with his mouth open”.

Very thin straight mouthinherent in active, assertive, stubborn people. They are capable of expressing their thoughts just as sharply. About them we can say – “sharp on the tongue.” They love disputes; they feel like “fish in water” in them. Eloquent and resourceful. Straightforward. Their activity is combined with ambitiousness and independence, penetrative abilities. If they set a goal, they boldly follow the path of achieving it, not to be afraid to take risks. But they give the impression of conceited and sometimes belligerent, aggressive people. They can also be called permanent, because they are long faithful to what falls within their area of ​​interest. Hence the persistence in achieving goals. They more often than others see things objectively. However, the task of such a person is not to overdo it with aggressive attacks and, acting within the framework of his interests, not to strive to live by the principle – “

Lowered corners of the lipsshow a person’s tendency to despondency, bad mood and pessimism. He has gone through many troubles and takes them very close to his heart. The owners of this shape of lips are experiencing frustrating moments in life, experienced disappointments, and often felt unable to cope with difficult events in life. Such corners of the lips can also speak of contempt, arrogance of their owner. He used to look at others as if from top to bottom, condemning and censuring them. However, most often behind this lies a deep inferiority complex from the unfair and cruel treatment experienced in childhood. When a child lacks love and warmth, when too much criticism and jerking fall on his lot – becoming an adult, often such a person begins to criticize others in order to thereby feel at least slightly higher than them. A man with lowered corners of his lips desperately needs acceptance, love and emotional attitude towards himself. His task is to find love in himself and to love both himself and those around him. And learn to notice the good in life, think about the good. Negative thoughts primarily spoil the life of the person himself.

The raised corners of the lips indicate a tendency to a good mood, fun and optimism. Such a person is cheerful, loves life and those around him. Therefore, it is easy and comfortable with him.

In conclusion, we note that the distance between the lips and nose also indicates certain personality traits: the larger this space, the greater the physical potential of a person exceeds the mental one, and vice versa.

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