How to attract male attention and get to know a worthy man?

Are you single and want to meet a worthy man, but don’t know where and how to do it? Let’s look at 5 chips that will help you!

You can rarely find a fishing place, 100% cool for dating. Sometimes you come to a soapy fitness center, which is famous for the fact that many men are engaged in it, and there are only girls there.

Say the day is lost? Of course not! Not in your case!

Because all the techniques and chips that I’ll tell you about now increase the likelihood of dating, regardless of location. And though they do not give a 100% guarantee, but they expand the opportunity to get acquainted with a worthy man and not one. Therefore, it is not necessary to “hunt” in places where there are darkness of men. You can do everyday things, but behave in a new way, and this will attract attention to you.

What does it mean to behave in a new way? What needs to be paid attention to, and perhaps changed?
1. Gait

How to attract male attention and get to know a worthy man? -Gait

Look at yourself from the side. Maybe you walk like the “old woman” Lyubov Prokofievna from the movie “Office Romance”: everything will be peeled off, tied up in a knot in the shoulders, everything will be tucked together like an old ragged shoe, and it will scratch to work, as if it were driving in piles. If there is at least something similar in your walk, you need to urgently fight this, eradicate! The gait should be, no matter how trite it may sound, feminine, gentle, flowing.

And your gait has become feminine. This means that while you are looking for a house number, beautifully walking along the street, you can be seen from passing cars, as well as from the windows of neighboring stores or from the window of a cafe or restaurant. One glance is enough for a man to interrupt his path and come to meet.

2. Slowdown


How to attract male attention and get to know a worthy man-slowdown

When you go into a room, do not rush in a whirlwind and do not rush a bullet where you need. Learn to pause at the doorstep. You slow down when you enter and leave the institution, and you always look around the whole room. As a rule, people unconsciously pay attention to incoming people. These fractions of a second will not just attract attention, you will declare yourself.

This little habit will also allow catching someone’s interested look, smiling at him and creating excellent conditions for dating. And we achieve this!

3. Clothing


How to attract male attention and get to know a worthy man-Clothing

You should dress in bright but not flashy clothes. And no matter what they say, they are still greeted by clothes, you will show your mind later, if you consider it necessary. Clothing should emphasize your strengths and conceal flaws, highlight from the general mass. Knowing that you look good, attractively dressed, you will be confident in yourself, and this is important.

Do not forget that you need to communicate with the staff in a friendly manner. Not only the appearance, but also the behavior should be cute and attractive. You dress in colorful clothes and communicate nicely with service staff anywhere. This is a guarantee of success.

Clothing will catch a man’s eye, and pleasant communication will create a desire for a man passing, passing or sitting at the next table to approach or at least take a closer look. 

4. Emotions

How to attract male attention and get to know a worthy man-Emotions

You show your emotions out loud if you have a reason. We have so “gagged” and “clogged” women that they are even surprised “inside themselves” so that no one will see. And not even so much because of embarrassment, but from the inability to express emotions. After all, they heard from parents raised by the Soviet regime that a woman should be modest and quiet. But the modesty of our women cannot be called modesty. It is rather a gray mouse complex developed over the years. A woman is silent instead of showing outward her wonderful emotions.

Do it! Are you funny Laugh! Laugh openly, contagious! Are you enthusiastic? Express your delight! And not in an everyday tedious voice, but show loudly, playing in intonations, what exactly you feel. Spray your emotions around! This spray is a trap of attention.

Yes, embittered aunts snort at you several times, but that’s just because they can’t do that. Their gray mouse complex sits deep and almost ineradicable. For the third time, a man will notice you and want to chat. He will give a compliment, or somehow comment, but the conversation will take place, and there is an acquaintance)

5. Help

Remember that you are a woman and a woman is weak! You can consider yourself strong, you can be strong, but for men you are weak! You ask men for help, even if they are not the coolest. This is a daily simulator that allows you to be in good shape, develop a habit.

Always ask men to help you and thank you with a smile. When the habit is rooted in you, at one of the crucial moments in life, when you really won’t know what to do, you just come up to it and say with a tender smile: “Young man, help me, please bring the bag to the car, I will be very grateful to you “.

Despite the fear and nervousness, you will do it perfectly beautifully and femininely simply because you have done it hundreds of times before it, you have perfected your skill. He will be stunned and take your phone number))

These 5 chips will help you develop the femininity that men like so much. Even if you do not go to specific places, but radiate femininity in everyday life, do not worry, the man will notice you.

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