Do you have a new way of life? spontaneity

Do you have a new way of life? Spontaneity

spontaneity; it is the freedom to choose what we want from all attitudes and behaviors that have served us so far. You know, sometimes there are people we envy a lot, they don’t hesitate to reveal themselves as they come. They are the most popular girls in the school, the most popular children in the team, the most energetic colleague in the workplace, or the people who arouse interest and curiosity around them with their charm and social life… We always ask ourselves questions in a corner of our minds to understand that they are happy, peaceful.

Here I will share a key word that I think will partially answer the questions you ask: spontaneity.

Spontaneity is a lifestyle. A free individual is a flexible person who acts as much as he can, he does not resist foolishly. He sees all the options available and is a person who sincerely applies the behavior that he finds most appropriate to the situation and the aims.

Are you one of the freelancers that you can?
Sometimes there are times when we catch ourselves saying: iyor It doesn’t come from me. ”Yes, sometimes the state of not coming from within actually identifies with the state of meeting the need in that way. Sometimes we give little attention to the spontaneous, spilled words. In fact, at that very moment the words, sentences are the state of your inner voice to talk to you. It is the state of your unfulfilled needs and deprivation waiting to be noticed by you. The place where you call inner is actually the purest form of self-source, self-affection, self-value. This is also called the wise state. Now, as you read this article, you stop right here for 60 seconds and ask yourself these questions … Let the answers come back. The answer may not come. Let’s see what you have to experience witnessing the silence there…

What exactly is the place where you call me?
What it looks like?
Is there any smell, color or taste that tells you where you call me?

Do you have a new way of life ?

The questions asked at the right time, in the right place open many doors in life. Every time I can’t get out of my own life, I use these and similar methods of asking questions. Sometimes people may not be very transparent to everyone… But when it comes to confronting yourself, leave transparency, there is no space to escape. Because the wise party, who knows everything within you, will automatically answer the question you ask without a filter.

Throughout the day, the patterns of emotions and thoughts that come through you pass through our minds like a cloud in different ways. If we can develop the ability to recognize the emotion that follows, and follow the thought it drives behind, then it will be easier for us to control our behavior. By ignoring the emotion that emerges, rejecting the thought, we have started to build impenetrable walls in front of whatever is possible. Then we continue to write and direct the same story with different people in the repetitive cycle we call destiny. In this case, linking our instincts that lead us in life becomes equivalent to rebellion because we cannot communicate in airplane mode.

This inability to contact sufficiently turns into an instability when making decisions after a while. According to Martin Buber, indecision is a disease. This disease serves a purposeless cycle in which we can achieve nothing unless we uncover the potential within us. When we can’t guide our potential, we capture it within us. This is a fraternal feeling with the unrest we feel when our freedom is taken away from us…

We can only be liberated when we make decisions with our adult self against our instincts, hereditary characteristics, and environmental factors. As for the environment, we know that the environment does not create man. It all depends on what a person gains from the environment or what his attitude towards the environment is şey What we need to move steadily and evenly in this attitude, whatever emotion comes from where we call it, is to feel it first and then feel it it is open …

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