It is simple to appreciate its greatness: a meditation proposal

“To love yourself as you are now is to give yourself a gift of paradise. ”
Alan Cohen

Are you your best friend or your worst critic? While you are focused on seeing mistakes, imperfections and imperfections, do you make a comparison by thinking that others are better than you? Sometimes you wish I could be someone else?

Did you want a different look or life? Did you want to be more intelligent, resourceful, lucky, sociable, well-known with the physical ones like If my legs were long, my hair was straight, my eyes were colored, my body was more flexible / strong ”?

It is easy to fall into the pitfalls of thought in today’s consumer society. Everything from magazines to television commercials compares us to others. They impose the message “You are constantly missing, not enough” for us to buy: in You are not enough, you are not smart, you are not popular… ”

I have been practicing yoga for 7 years and meditating and breathing exercises for at least 20 minutes for 2 years. I have been practicing awareness meditation for more than a year. In 2019, I completed Ayurveda and NLP expert trainings. I did yoga specialization trainings for 1000 hours. Still, my thought system is immune to not being trapped. But he’s aware, and even if I fall into the pitfalls, I can manage to get out. I can reach the substance again without losing myself in the minds of the mind.

We may be worried about what we see as incomplete or imperfect in ourselves, while others may not even be aware of it. They may even think of this as one of our merits.

“I’m inadequate, I wish I hadn’t done that, look what he did better, why do I always postpone? He did it now, it doesn’t mean that I do it now, I was going to do it now, but I’m not flexible, my strength is not enough, luck is always there for him ”Do you find yourself talking in such discourses? You don’t need to speak out, if it’s just going through your mind, you’ve already turned to speaking. In general, these conversations address our deficiencies, our inadequacies, in short, our inability to be perfect, and even that we have not achieved what should be. We condemn, criticize, condemn, and do it all ourselves.

However, we ignore the nearest miracle. From the moment we were born until the death we wait for us, ourselves.

Self-embracing practice – Appreciating its greatness

This short work is about getting together with your miraculous nature and appreciating your greatness. You didn’t read it wrong, I’ll tell you a study to honor your greatness. It’s simple, don’t worry.

Center yourself

In order to fully experience this experience, I recommend that you move away from the ones that will distract you from TV and telephone. You probably have a to-do list in your mind, so put that aside for now. Don’t worry, they will be waiting for you after this experience.
Create a quiet space for yourself. Allow yourself to stop and accept the gift of this moment. Find yourself a comfortable place, whether sitting or lying down.
Imagine them as scattered items to bring together your thoughts and energy scattered in all directions. And start collecting them. Put them in a closet and keep them there. To bring your attention to this moment, take comfortable, deep breaths (if not through your nose) and release your breath comfortably. Repeat for a while. As long as you can breathe as you begin to soften you will notice that you are relaxing.

It is simple to appreciate its greatness: a meditation proposal
It is simple to appreciate its greatness: a meditation proposal



Appreciating your body

When you’re ready, put your hands on your heart. Can you feel your heartbeat?
Breathe in, notice that your body is filled with air. Breathe in and relax your chest with your chest. Breathe once again, notice your expanding body and relax while breathing out.
In the same way as you continue to breathe, notice the miracles that are happening in your body at this time. Blood circulation occurs, oxygen goes to your cells, your cells feed, nerves and neurons allow you to hear the sounds around you. Bring your attention to your feelings.
Notice the thought that drives you. A signal goes to your brain, from here to the nerves and then to the muscles and to move. Everything is very simple and very complicated. And this system is constantly working, even without a moment of rest on this world you have existed.

Appreciate your essence

Now realize your authenticity. Of the billions of people in this world, you are the only one. Bring your attention to the features that make you. It could be your personality or your soul. Can you notice? Can you feel or relate the connected one? Think about the features that make you.
Think about one aspect of yourself right now and give thanks. Perhaps you are trying to be the best for this feature.
Whatever it comes to your mind, appreciate it, even if you’re not the most perfect.

Love yourself

Feel the warmth of your hands in your heart or chest. And say to yourself, orum I appreciate you “. Koyun Put your name where there is a space and say it along with your name.
Say it out loud: orum I love myself ın and repeat it several times. It may not seem convincing at first, so keep repeating, until you are sure and feel. Let love flow inward.

Say what you want to hear right now.

Now slowly focus your attention towards your breath.
Appreciate yourself for doing this work. Rest your mind, take a few deep breaths. With your eyes open, look around. Say, den I’m not perfect, I’m doing my best, that’s why I’m great, sesli whether you are inside or out loud.
When you wake up in the morning, before going to bed at night or during the day, I suggest you do this to remind yourself that you are a great person.

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