8 simple rules to help you marry a charismatic man

 Do your friends and acquaintances say that it is impossible to marry a worthy man? It may not be possible for them. But I’ll tell you a few secrets that will help you to get married in the near future!

Loneliness, depression, an empty apartment … All your time is taken away by work, but you want female happiness.

It is difficult to find a man if you are in a vicious circle home-work-canteen-home-work-canteen. If you are tired of being alone, follow the steps below. And soon you will meet a charismatic man and get rid of loneliness.


You can complain about the lack of time, but you still need to allocate it if you do not want to continue to vegetate alone.

So the first thing to do is set aside your personal time and make an effort to find a new cool man.

I understand that the phrase “make an effort” is likely to cause you misunderstanding and a dozen questions. What kind of effort? What to do? How to do? What is this about?

I will try to help you.


Pay attention to your appearance. Your appearance should attract men. You can put on some kind of super fashion dimensionless sweatshirt from haute couture, and it will be fashionable, but not at all attractive to a man.

Studies have shown that men subconsciously prefer women with an hourglass figure. Those. The shoulders and hips should be about the same volume, and the waist already. Therefore, pick up clothes that will create this particular silhouette. Choose clothes that emphasize the merits of your figure and hide the flaws.

Choose clothes of juicy and bright colors that will set you apart from the crowd. But this does not mean that you need to dress in flashy clothes. On the contrary, screaming clothes are contraindicated for you. She will push away a man who decides that you simply have no taste.

You can shake your head and object that you want a man to love you for your rich inner world, spirituality, etc.

It should be so!

But they are still met by their clothes. First you need to get acquainted. Show mind and spirituality later, in communication.

Body language charm

You can be incredibly attractive in terms of appearance, but have an ugly gait, manners, non-verbal.

In order for a man to want to get to know you, you first need to move correctly: slow, smooth movements, a languid look with a wisp. This is the correct, feminine body language.

A gait is a shot in the subconscious of a man. He may not yet see how you look, but subconsciously decide whether he likes you or not. He himself will not understand what kind of sensation it is and where it came from. Try to get rid of sudden movements, level your posture. Gait should not be stressful.

Dating places

And so you pumped your body language, and then …

Of course, a logical question arises. And where to get to know something?

There are many places where you can meet a worthy man.

This can be an elite residential complex, and a sports club. By the way, you should not lose sight of shops with quality products where a man is bought with meat and other men’s stuff. Not to mention restaurants.

Few fans

You already look beautiful, move beautifully, you know the places. You walked through all these places where you can meet a worthy man, flirted, smiled. The men took your phone number and are already calling you, talking and calling on dates.

Here at this stage it is important not to stick on one man.

It is very important that there is a choice. Otherwise, there will be another, wrong condition. The correct state is when 5-6 men call, write, and you get high.

First date

On the first date, look at the men. Fall in love with the one you like best. To do this, you need to rock the man.

Give him different emotions so that he is stunned by you and the amount of emotions and moods that you show him and give him. Then you’re funny, then sad. That is chilly, then curious. Play the little girl, even if you are 40 years old.

A man will start thinking about you when you are not nearby. Those. you talked, and he thinks of you.

This all leads to a result – the man gradually falls in love with you!

Choosing the best who pretend to be you

You understand which of them is who. For example, Vasya is the coolest. You draw closer to Vasya and open before him in three guises:

  • friend girl (joint trips, work help, etc.)
  • muse (inspiration, light beautiful dress, romance)
  • mistress (sex in different places and constant erotic experiments)

If you open up in these three planes, the man will be stunned and will be happy:

“Oh, what a cool girl I came across!”

Living together

So, you have come to the decision to live together. For six months or even a year, you should think and do the following:

  • Inspire him for accomplishments, for feats.
  • Admire him – give him a state of confident, strong, better leader. With you, he must feel like a winner. There are various techniques and options for this, which I will tell you about later.
  • Organize your leisure. Come up with entertainment, travel, leisure.

Six months – a year is your job.


Or a man himself will understand during the year that you are cool and will offer you to marry him. Or you can carefully, delicately hint to him: “Here, my dear. Anyway. We have been talking with you for a year now, I want to be closer, not to part with you even for a second, and we feel so good together … ”

There are many different approaches.

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